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Friday, February 19, 2010


Ah, the beginning. The first in a series of crisp, wittily written entries concerning the Wonders of History, given to you in an (admittedly biased) setting, my own personal realm.

Herein, I'll speak about:

-General History
-Political/Diplomatic History
-Cultural History
-Military History

My Specialties lie in the Napoleonic Era, The American Revolution, The Middle Ages, World War I, and the Geopolitical History of Major European states. I'm a Spaniard by origin, abnd thus will always speak favorably of the glorious Empire of Spain!

I'm currently a student, and thus shouldn't be taken as too much of an authority, but I assure you, I'll be quite truthful.

I'm an avid boardgame guy, and will occasionally mention how much I happen to love Risk. Great wargame for anyone with a pulse, if you ask me.

The content of the articles in this blog will be pretty varied, and I'd like to say interesting. I'll have mostly articles, with pictures, videos, and all such wonderful things. I'm even working on a big project, a video documentary of the battle of Waterloo. Should be interesting.

Anyhoo, I'll get a-workin on my first article straightaway. This first Article will be a submission, when completed, to the International Napoleonic Society.

Until then,

Emperador Carlos Cardozo, Comandante de la infantaria de Espana.

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