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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Napoleon's Alexandria Declaration.

For those interested in my ongoing Discussion of the Egyptian campaign, here is a (poor) translation of some primary source material from that campaign:

(Careful, the smell of propaganda is strong)

"On behalf of the French nation based on freedom and equality, Bonaparte, the great general and leader of the French army, advised all the inhabitants of Egypt that for too long sanjaks governing the country to insult the French nation and its merchants cover all kinds of insults, the hour of their punishment has arrived.

But God, master of the universe and the Almighty, has directed that their empire should end. People of Egypt, they told you I only came here to destroy your religion this is a lie, do not believe it, tell the slanderers that I am come to you and pull your rights from the hands of tyrants and restore them, and that, more than the Mamluks, I love God and respects His Prophet and the Koran.

Tell them also that all men are equal before God: wisdom, virtues and talents are the only difference between them. However, among the Mamelukes, the wisdom and virtues, there is a great distance what is it that distinguishes them from others to take ownership and Egypt have only whatever is best among the beautiful slaves , fine horses, lavish homes?

If the land of Egypt is a farm Mamluks, they show us the lease that God has made. But the Master of the Universe is merciful, just and merciful, powerful and with His help, all Egyptians will hold the highest positions and get the highest grades. The wisest, most educated, most virtuous govern and the people will be happy.

There was formerly in Egypt major cities, large canals, a great trade. Who has destroyed everything except the tyranny and greed of the Mamluks?

Sheikhs, Kadis, imams, and significant chorbadjis nation, tell the people that the French are true Muslims. The proof is that they went to Rome and overthrew the government of the Pope, who kept urging Christians to make war on Muslims.

They were then destroyed in Malta and the Knights who claimed that God commanded them to make war on Muslims.

Historically, the French are the true friends of the Ottoman Sultan (God perpetuates his empire!) And the enemies of his enemies.

The Mamluk contrary are not subject to the Sultan and rebelled against his authority. they only follow their whims.

Happy! Blessed are those of the people of Egypt who will join us immediately. It will thrive in their wealth and rank. Blessed are those who still remain in their homes and be neutral. These, when we know, eager to join us with all my heart.

But woe! Woe to those who take up arms for the Mamluk and fight against us! There will be no door of salvation for them, they die and their traces disappear.

Article 1
Any village located three hours away from places of passage of the French army to send a delegation to General to inform him that people have submitted and have hoisted the French flag blue, white and red.

Article 2
Every village that revolts will be burned.

Article 3
Every village will submit to the French army will also fly the flag of the Ottoman Sultan (God perpetuates his life).

Article 4
The sheikhs of the villages should seal up all the property of Mamluk and ensure that nothing is lost.

Article 5
The sheiks, the scholars, the Kadis, imams will retain their duties, each resident to remain quiet at home, and prayers in the mosques will continue as usual. All Egyptians thank God for the destruction of the Mamluks, shouting "Glory to the Ottoman Sultan, glory to the French army! Curse of the Mamluk and happiness to the people of Egypt!

Manufactured to headquarters in Alexandria on 13 Messidor (April 6, 1798) Year VI of the French Republic, or end Moharran, 1213 AH.

Signed Bonaparte.

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